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The 1995 Conference, 'learning without limits', promises to be something different. Held in Perth, one of Australia's most beautiful cities, ACEC'95 offers not only opportunities to see the latest computers in education technology at the Conference Trade Exhibition, meet other professionals and hear what others are doing, but also includes music, drama and the delights of Western Australia.


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A quick overview

The Australian Computers in Education Conference 1995 is hosted by the Educational Computing Association of Western Australia on behalf of the Australian Council for Computers in Education. The ACCE is the national professional body for those involved in the use of information technology in education, it strives to encourage and maintain a level of excellence in this field of endeavour throughout Australia. Each state has an independent association which advances the professional development of its members in the use of computers and information technologies in education.

ACEC'95 'learning without limits' is the annual conference of the ACCE, the peak national body. ACCE is the national coordinator of state organisations and is affiliate of ISTE, the International Society for Technology in Education. ACEC'95 'learning without limits' will be the most significant computers in education event in Australia in 1995.

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Where is it being held?

The 1995 conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Perth, Western Australia from the 9th to the 13th July, 1995. The Hyatt is situated on the banks of the Swan River in close proximity to the Central Business District. Many other hotels offering a range of prices are within walking distance of the main venue. Details on accommodation appear here and also on the conference registration form. Special welcoming receptions will be held on the 9th for international and interstate visitors.

Perth was founded in 1829 by Captain James Stirling. A relatively young city, it is Australia's sunniest and, to many, most beautiful capital. It is a sparkling, clean city where the people are genuinely friendly and pleased to make you welcome. Few of the many thousands who visit for the first time ever forget Perth and invariably want to come again.

Perth has a spaciousness in its wide streets, its shopping malls and arcades, its many parks, the ocean and the river beaches, where there is room to breathe, move and relax. Perth also offers a vibrant nightlife and fine cuisine complemented by internationally acclaimed local wines from the Swan Valley and Margaret River areas.

For more detailed information contact the Western Australian Tourist Centre on (09) 483 1111

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Keynote Profiles

The quality of the ACEC'95 program is demonstrated by the international reputation of the keynote speakers already committed to the conference. ACEC'95 already has firm commitments from FIVE outstanding international keynote speakers.

[IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE]Dr David Dwyer is a distinguised scientist at the Learning Technologies Department, Apple Computer. As a graduate student at Washington University, David conducted research into change and innovation in American schools and sought explanations for the trusim that 'that more things changed, the more they stay the same! David has managed the research and direction of the Apple classrooms of Tomorrow (ACOT) program at Apple Computer for almost nine years. Keynote paper title: "Learning in the Age of Technology: The Vision, The Challenge."

[IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE]Professor Stephen Heppell is dirctor of ULTRALAB, Anglia University's learning technology research centre in the United Kingdom. ULTRALAB is a major educational producer of CD-ROMs in Europe and is at the heart of the developing debate about new learning environments. Stephen delivers talks all over the world and is active in TV and radio.
Keynote paper title: "Excuse Me, But Didn't We Already Have Some Good Ideas About Learning?"

Mr Graeme I Inchley is Managing Director of Novell (Australia) Pty Limited with responsiblity for Novell's business in Australia, NZ and the South Pacific Islands. He joined Novell in April 1993, having come from Apple Computer, where he spent seven years as Director of Strategic Planning and National Sales Manager for Government and Education. Graeme started his career as a teacher and then moved into education administration and supervision of computer programmes for the Victorian Government Education Ministry. His main objective is to use Novell's expertise and position as the premier software networking company to help customers to recognise the benefits of local and corporate networks. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Master of Education from Melbourne University and was a Fulbright Scholar in 1985.


Dr Mary Guy Miller is currently the President of Interactive Design and Development, a company that designs and develops interactive multimedia courseware and information systems for both education and training. From 1985-1991, Mary was Director of the Multimedia Development Group at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Her interests are primarily focused on interface design. Mary has received a range of awards and citations for CD products and is regularly invited to present at major conferences worldwide. Keynote paper title: "Learning Without Limits: Yes We Can!"



[IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE]Mr Sam Wauchope has been the Managing Director of Acorn Computers PLC since 1989. The largest supplier of technology to British schools. Acorn has also established a new subsidiary company, On-line Media which is at the forefront of trialling the delivery of educatijonal services utilising interactive video-on-demand down the 'Information Superhighway'. He is a frequent visitor to Australia where Acorn also has a significant presence. Sam has recently convened a number of high level discussions to explore 'The New Literacy' and the ways in which technology will change methods by which our future students will communicate. Keynote paper title: "Education Online - New Technologies and New Literacies."


[IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE]Dr Zoe Sofoulis is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Media and Cultural Studies at the university of Western Sydney Nepean, where she teaches in the areas technology, culture and feminism. She has a long-standing interest in the unconscious and erotic dimensions of high-tech culture, and has published a book on gender and irrationality in computer culture, ' Whose Second Self? ', Deakin, 1993 and various papers on related themes. In collaboration with artist and curator Virginia Barratt, Zoe is currently researching and writing a book about women artists who use electronic/technological media. This is an inteview-based study aimed in part at applying ideas from the philosphy of technology to understand woman-machine relationships. Keynote paper title: "Cyberfeminism: The World, the Flesh and the Woman-Machine Relationship."


[IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE]Mr Stan Hughes is a renowned UK school principal who leads a dynamic staff in the pursuit of IT throughout the school. His school, Lord Grey School, Milton Keynes, has received a number of awards for its innovative and original approaches to the use of IT across the curriculum, including the ICL Award for School of Excellence (Information Technology). He was a member of the National Commission on Education between January 1992 and October 1993, which reviewed the future of education and training in the UK for the next 25 years, an independent inquiry funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and chaired by Lord Walton. He has also gained conderable experience and expertise in pursing links between schools and industry, particularly in the field of IT. Keynote paper title: "Cutting through the Constraints - A Principal's View."

What is the conference format?

The ACEC'95 conference theme is 'learning without limits' and will focus on the enormous potential of computer technology and telecommunications to enhance learning in all areas and for all ages. Conference sessions will address issues within the context of this theme and be revelant, practical and innovative - to teachers, researchers and other university academics, whether novice or experienced in the application of technology to education. Sessions will appeal to the full range of educatiors, from early childhood through to tertiary and vocational education, to tertiary and vocational education, from practitioners to policy planners.

There will be a number of streams to help delegates chose the most appropriate sessions to attend. There will also be selected keynote and other sessions which are intended to have a 'lighter feel' and encompass such themes as performance art and technology. In addition, a panel session is planned, where delegates will be able to directly access and question keynote speakers in detail. It is also hoed to provide a video conference, where educators in both Australia and Europe will be linked for a live talk-back session.

What is the conference program?

The preliminary conference program is:

Saturday 8th July

Sunday 9th Julyl

Monday 10th July

Tuesday 11th July

Wednesday 12th July

Thursday 11 July

Morning keynotes will be 1 hour duration, while afternoon plenary sessions will be 1 hour 15 minutes as these will be panel sessions etc. Breakout sessions are designated as 1 hour, but this includes 10 minutes at the start for moving between sessions and 15/20 minutes at the end for questions and discussions. Presenters are not expected to talk for more than half and hour.

Papers and publications

There will be many papers presented at ACEC'95. Hopefully many of the papers will be available at this location. The proceedings will also be available in print form and orders can be placed at acec95@cleo.murdoch.edu.au (all registrants will receive a copy of the printed proceedings).

A table of contents of all papers and their presenters other than keynote speakers

Conference Payment

The conference fees are as follows:

Payment should be made to:

Note: Two separate cheques are required: one for Conference Registration, payable to ACEC'95, and one for Travel and Accomodation, payable to Dianella Plaza Travel. For further details

Accommodation and Tour Guides



Airfare and Accommodation Packages

Computers in Education - Trade Exhibition

The Conference and Exhibition have been carefully integrated over two levels of the magnificent Hyatt Regency Hotel to provide maximum ease of access by Conference Delegates and Day Visitors. From pre-Conference Exhibition Viewing Sessions to the Conference Cocktail Party to Morning and Afternoon Teas and Special Exhibition Viewing Periods, every effort has been made to ensure that company products and sevices will achieve maximum exposure throughout the entire Conference to both Delegates and Day Visitors. To encourage Delegates to visit every single stand in the exhibition, an innovative 'Delegates Trade Exhibition Passport Prize' promotion has been developed.

The four Platinum sponsors are - Telecom Australia, Acorn Computers, Apple Computer and Novell.

Who Can I Contact?

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