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Feedback from teachers

“We’re definitely seeing a cultural change at the moment …we are finally seeing some momentum… the course content is spot on!”

“.. in 3 modules I have expanded my knowledge of what is on the web to enrich my teaching and am also to be able to talk to teachers about sites … All of us at school who are involved in ICTPD are excited by what we have gained in awareness. The staff room is abuzz ..”

“This course has rekindled the spark. I want to share Webquests, Inspiration, Atomic Learning, rubrics with my peers as I can see the children benefiting.”

“Great course, fantastic support.”

“I cannot get over the speed of help! Fantastic!”

“Whatever you get paid, it’s not enough and working on the weekends: That’s mega brownie points.”

“The most outstanding feature of the course was the constant encouragement given to me by the tutors. Thank you.”

“Would like to send my congratulations to the tutors…I am actually excited about the course, especially webquests.”

“Love this course. Have found some fantastic sites.”

“I remember how excited I was when I looked at earthlights..the first of many wonders during the course. When I compare the competency test back in Module 2 I was mostly at level 1 or level 2, so now I can smile at the success I have achieved during the course.”

“I’ve enjoyed it all. I’ve learnt lots about little things to make life easier.’

“I’m finding this course great for complementing and enhancing my existing knowledge/skills.”

“This course is a great gift, and I’ve already absorbed and utilised much.”

“Thanks for all your assistance, I am really enjoying doing this.”

“Atomic Learning is a gold mine. Hope to spend much time exploring its treasures.”

“I have been amazed at the number of terrific websites to access for teaching support and resources”.

“I would just like to take the time to say how much I am enjoying this course and am getting a great deal from it.”

“I shall be returning frequently to the rich resources available to me on Atomic Learning, your pages, Blue Web’n, to name but a few.”

“Thanks for the course everyone. I really enjoyed it. My computer skills have improved greatly and am thinking of going further into IT – more study.”

“I have really enjoyed the course so far. It is clear, succinct and well guided. It has really opened my eyes to the wonders of the web and the valuable resources that can be obtained via the web. It has shown me that living in a remote community is not so remote when you have access to the web.”

“It’s been a fantastic learning journey, I have really been enthused and inspired by the learning I have achieved even up till this point, and will continue to develop my knowledge, application and understandings of all this lovely IT stuff”

“Atomic Learning Library is fantastic. There is heaps of stuff that I could find useful, especially Kidspiration. I like the whole concept mapping idea. It’s particularly useful when developing curriculum journeys. I intend to spend more time going through it all. I am encouraging the schools that I work at to subscribe for next year!”

“I’ve been using Google as ‘just another search engine’ for ages, and until this course never realised its speed, efficiency and potential with advanced search options. Atomic Learning Library is terrific, I’ve found plenty of answers to questions about photo and video editing that I’ve wanted to know for ages.”

“I really did enjoy the course and one of the best things for a working student was no pressure about assignments and deadlines and it focused on hands on teaching rather than mobs of theory which turns people off. This hit the nail on the head for me.”

“As a result of this course I now feel more confident not only to have a go at any software package but also to share my skills with others. Sharing my knowledge has not only enabled me to develop professionally, but in return I have become more confident. I believe that my future classroom practice will include more IT activities which will result in a far more dynamic learning environment.”

“Most teachers realise that there is a lot of good stuff on the web but lament that it takes forever to find. This course has been good because it not only provides us with many links to excellent resources but has also endeavoured to help us improve our efficiency in locating these resources for ourselves. The next step is to use it effectively.”

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